“Make We Joy Now In This Fest!” — Nine Lessons and Carols 2005

Advent concert in the Reformed Church in Hinwil

Christmas music from Great Britain. Sixteen professional singers interpreted English Christmas music both a capella and with accompaniment. The music was directed by David Christie, assisted by Dora Wenger (organ), Christine Bircher (guitar), and Silvan Hürlimann and Daniel Merki (percussion).

The “Nine lessons and carols” service weaves music and text together. Members of the Church, from young to old, read nine bible readings telling the Christmas story. Carols and Christmas music from five centuries in Latin, Old and Modern English, are interspersed. This pre-Christmas gift delightfully combined the Swiss and British cultures, bringing professionals and amateurs together, fully in the spirit of Christmas cheer.

Collection for charity. In the tradition of Charles Dickens’ well-known Christmas Story, the collection was for the HEKS Project “Development perspectives for temple servants and their children” in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. CHF 2612.40 was collected.


Introductory words followed by the Lord’s Prayer
Carol Nova, Nova Manuscript from the 15th century
1st Lesson Genesis iii 8-15 God declares his judgement
Carols Balulalow Peter Warlock (1894 − 1930)
Torches John Joubert (*1927)
2nd Lesson Isaiah ix 2,6-7 Isaiah announces the coming king
Carol Make we joy now in this fest William Walton (1902 − 1983)
3rd Lesson Micah v 2-5 God promises a ruler from Bethlehem
Hymn O Little Town of Bethlehem Trad. arr. Ralph Vaughan-Williams (1872-1958)
4th Lesson Luke i 26-33,38 The angel comes to Mary
Carols Gabriel, fram heven-king „Angelus ad virginem“, middle ages song
Gaudete Originally a song: manuscript from the 15th century
5th Lesson Matthew i 18-25 God’s purpose is explained to Joseph
Carol In the bleak mid-winter Christina Rossetti (1830 − 1894) / Harold Darke (1888 − 1976)
6th Lesson Luke ii 1-7 Jesus is born
Carol A spotless rose Herbert Howells (1892 − 1983)
7th Lesson Luke ii 8-16 The shepherds go to the stable
Carols Lute book lullaby Peter Hayward (*1955)
A babe is born Peter Racine Fricker (1920 − 1990)
8th Lesson Matthew ii 1-2,7-11 Travellers come from the east
Carol The Three Kings Peter Cornelius arr. Ivor Atkins
9th Lesson John i 1-14 The Word becomes flesh
Carols Benedicamus Domino Peter Warlock (1894 − 1930)
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day John Gardner (*1917)
Prayers and Blessing
Carol Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (reprise)
Choir We wish you a Merry Christmas Trad.


This musicmakers production took place on 4th December 2005 at 17:00 in the Reformed Church in Hinwil:

  • The MP3 files on this page were recorded live in the Reformed Church Hinwil on 4th December 2005 © musicmakers (with many thanks to Dani Lindenmann)
  • “Zürcher Oberländer” newspaper report
  • Programme (German)

    NB: Cornelia Wermelinger could not sing in the concert for personal reasons. Her place in the sopranos was taken by Sibylle Fischer. Christiane Jacobi sung alto in place of Sibylle Fischer. The solo in “Balulalow” was sung by Sibylle Fischer as forseen; the soprano solo in „In the bleak mid-winter“ was performed by Janna Scheipers)